June 5, 2017

Language Students Win Entry into National Honor Societies and Awards

Our French Faculty with Distinguished French Students

On Friday, April 29, 2016, we held our Departmental Honors Ceremony. We were very honored by the presence of the University President, Christine M. Riordan. The ceremony was opened with a wonderful performance on the lute by student Ryan Closs. Language tutors Hira Javed and Sean Gaynor sang a song together, and Dr. Amador opened the ceremony after which the President spoke. The following students were inducted into honor societies:

Italian Honor Society, Gamma Kappa Alpha: Matthew Bellomo (inducted by Prof. Hiller)

Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi: Joann Bonilla, Alicia I. Cañas, Paloma M. Casteleiro, Kyle R. Cropsey, Jessenia Gonzalez, Marianna Ferraro, Hira Javed, Alicia Legland, Nicholette C. Lewis,Collin G. Savage (inducted by Profs. Amador, Carbo & Villamil-Acera)

Outstanding students in Spanish with Prof. Amador

Scholarships were awarded to the following outstanding students:

Smalley Fellowship in Italian Studies: Mariella di Leo

Mary Louise Vazquez Scholarship in French: Zouheir Bekdache

The Robert Hartmann Scholarship for Excellence in Spanish: Arianna Thomas

The Ted and Erika Spyropoulos Foundation Scholarship for Modern Greek: Christina Korsanos, Rebecca Fakas

We were also delighted to present awards to several outstanding students:

Lucienne Petit Prize & Paul Langellier Achievement Award in French: Sean P. Gaynor

Ruth Richardson Awards for Excellence in Spanish: Joann Bonilla, Alicia I. Cañas, Paloma M. Casteleiro, Kyle R. Cropsey, Marianna Ferraro, Jessenia Gonzalez, Hira Javed, Alicia Legland, Nicholette C. Lewis, Collin G. Savage, Monica Velasquez

Dolores Roethel Awards in Spanish Literature: Joann Bonilla, Collin G. Savage

Prottas French Writing Contest: 1st: Benjamin Nichols; 2nd: Arianna Thomas; 3rd: Arianna Thomas

Prottas Spanish Writing Contest: 1st: Denise Borras Trepat; 2nd: Denise Borras Trepat; 3rd: Veronica Grebe

Prottas Translation Writing Contest: 1st: Declan J. Hart

We continued a tradition with a new vocal performance in a new language (this year French) at the ceremony by our own Professor Hiller on the piano. He sang Fauré’s “Lydia”.

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